Getting Your New York Real Estate License

With unemployment levels still high in New York and around the country, there are many New Yorkers looking for a career path that will offer them some security and an income that they can survive on. College degree programs can take years and cost you tens of thousands of dollars with absolutely no guarantee that you will even be able to find a job in this tough economy. One career path that experts predict will see growth in the years to come is a career with a real estate license.

Opportunities for individuals with a New York real estate license are on the rise, especially in the New York housing market. There are many people that are ready to take advantage of the most amazing conditions for buyers in the housing market right now. Many of these new buyers will need agents with a New York real estate license to find the right property for them. In much less time than you might think, you could get your New York real estate licenseand be the one earning incredible commissions.

Meeting the requirements to get your New York real estate license is easier than one might expect to gain such amazing financial returns. What is unbelievable is that you could earn back every dollar that you invested to get your New York real estate license in your very first commission.

The basic requirements are that you must be at least 18 years of age and have a licensed real estate broker that will agree to sponsor you once you have passed the New York real estate license exam. In addition, you must complete 75 hours of real estate training in order to qualify to take the New York real estate license exam. Once you have passed the New York real estate license exam, you must submit the completion proof, the license application, and the required fees for your real estate license to the New York Department of State Licensing Bureau and you are ready to get started.

New York home prices are still unbelievably low and the affordability in the New York real estate market is too good to pass up for many buyers. The continued low interest rates are an added incentive for buyers in the New York real estate market. There is a lot of interest in New York real estate from buyers and investors all over the world. Prices are stabilizing and beginning to rise, so many investors are taking advantage of the incredible deals that are still available in New York real estate right now.

In just a few short weeks, you could get yourNew York real estate license and be ready to make a new start in a career that has created more wealth than any other industry. A successful career in New York real estate could provide you with incredible income generating potential, and that is just the beginning. Getting your New York real estate license could change your life.

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